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www.3sportsguns.com We're a sports blog that focuses a lot in the Chicago area and Purdue University. We just became Fantasy...

by 3 Sports Guns
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March 22, 2017 06:37 PM PDT

With Purdue kicking off conference play we start with the Boilers after an overtime loss at home to Minnesota. Also, what do Caleb Swanigan's 30/20 games mean against sub par competition. What do we make of the Big Ten with Michigan State getting off to a slow start and Nebraska getting road wins at Indiana and Maryland. Pops throws in a Purdue football update with Jeff Brohm doing some recruiting work and getting some 4 star players to flip. We jump into the the football playoff games with the New Year six bowls that haven't happened yet. USC and Penn State features to of the hottest teams to end the season, who wins? The Cotton Bowl features the underdog Western Michigan versus Wisconsin. P. J. Fleck is still there, can he get the upset after not getting the job he wanted? The Sugar Bowl features Auburn and Oklahoma, two teams who fell short of their high expectations. This could be a springboard for next season. Speaking of teams that fell short, LSU rolled Louisville, what does that mean for next year? Then we back track to the playoff games. Washington lost to Alabama 24-7, what does that mean for both teams? Is this Crimson Tide team better or worse than last year? In the other game, where was Ohio State? Pops makes a surprise pick saying he'd take Clemson and the 6.5 points in a bet and favors the offense and DeShaun Watson in National Championship. After Ohio State laid an egg and Michigan lost to Florida State, was the Big Ten overrated? We get into the NFL starting with the Detroit and Green Bay Sunday Night match up to decide the NFC North. Most of the seeds seem pretty set so we go through the match ups, starting with the Packers hosting the Giants. The other wild card match up is Seattle and Detroit, and home field seems to decide this one. What do we make of the bye teams; will Atlanta or Dallas win? The AFC side has been decided for awhile. The Dolphins have surprised and travel to Pittsburgh. Does the Dolphins season end there? The other Wild Card game is Houston and Oakland, and it features a quaterback situation that is just ugly. The bye weeks go to Kansas City and New England, the two teams with the biggest home field advantage. Can the Steelers O top the Chiefs? Will anyone beat Brady and the Pats in Foxborough? Who do we have in the Super Bowl? Leaving the playoffs behind we talk coaching news, starting with the Chicago Bears. Will Vic Fangio be out? Trent Balke is fired as the GM in San Francisco, is Chip Kelly next? Gary Kubiak is retiring and the Denver job becomes probably the most attractive job. Who gets it? Terry Bradshaw made dumb comments about Mike Tomlin, no one knows what's happening in Buffalo and Sean Payton is surrounded by rumors. Pops jumps outside the NFL with rumors that Fred Hoiberg is on the hot seat, and Chicago continuing to be a mess. We Got Beef with Terry Bradshaw because of his unfounded criticism of Mike Tomlin and saying Mike McCarthy over Aaron Rodgers.

March 19, 2017 04:01 PM PDT

Happy Holidays and our pre-end of the year podcast, starting with Christian McCaffery and Leonard Fournette sitting out their bowl games. Is it a smart decision? What does this say about these players? Does the fact that it isn't the BCS Invitational mean anything? Is this worse than Clowney who played the whole season but seemed checked out? How do we feel about Bob Stoops and Oklahoma getting a lot of criticism for the Joe Mixon situation? A coach that needs more criticism is Coach K. Grayson Allen continues to do dumb things on the court and let him get away with it. We waste good time on the Bears this week and talk playoffs next week. We go down the line, who stays and who goes? Coaching? Jay Cutler? Are Pace and Fox on the chopping block? We talk Fantasy with Blair wrapping up his second championship in a row in keeper league and Tyler taking the first Dynasty league crown. We look at keepers going forward and the teams that have decisions to make. Pops and Blair finish last and second to last in the Dynasty League and talk strategy going in to next season. We get a hockey update with Minnesota and Columbus the two hottest teams in the NHL. Pops gives us a recap of the playoff picture right now and an updated Stanley Cup pick. We Got Beef this week, Pops goes after Richard Sherman again for his out cry over a journalist asking tough questions. For Blair, Bill Belicheck sits and cuts players for missing meetings and trades players for not loving football but signs Michael Floyd after a ridiculous BAC.

March 13, 2017 06:29 PM PDT

Starting things off with baseball with the White Sox officially entering a rebuilding and getting hauls for Adam Eaton and Chris Sale. The surprising thing is Chicago might have gotten a better haul for Eaton. Who else is on the trading block? Pops maintains he was right when the Sox should have traded Sale two years ago, Blair still maintains that's not right. The Cubs seemed to have hit one of the park trading Jorge Soler, who fell out of regular at bats, for Wade Davis. What do we make of the pen situation now with Koji Uehara and Brian Duensing being added to the pen. What will Epstein and the brain trust do at the five spot in the rotation? Will the Cubs' luck run out when it comes to health? We come back to West Lafayette with the football hiring Jeff Brohm. Is there room for cautious optimism or is this similar to the Darrell Hazell hiring? Purdue basketball got their first win against Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic and their only notable non-conference win. What does it mean for Matt Painter's team? What do we make of the top of the Big Ten? Isaac Haas played only three minutes in the second half of the Notre Dame game, what does that mean going forward? We talk some college football with a Wake Forest radio announcer giving out plays. Louisville was the big name mentioned, which Bobby Petrino has denied. No one is talking about the other schools though; Virginia Tech. The biggest story is the situation in Minnesota. Several players were suspended and it seems like there wasn't a lot of communication. There were accusations, no punishments, threats of scholarships being stripped and the team sitting out in protest. The whole situation has gotten really messy. Video has come out for what happened with Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. Bob Stoops is getting a lot of criticism, but does he deserve it all? And of course we talk college football and take a closer look at Lane Kiffin and why he didn't go to Houston. And how does he end up at Florida Atlantic? Do we blame Houston for trying to lock Kiffin in to a contract? Will Willie Taggert succeed in Oregon? We take a look at the NFL with the playoffs coming up fast. Each week we talk football it seems like there are several games that make no seasone (Tenn winning at KC and Indy blowing out Minnesota). Who wins the AFC West? The Texans pulled Osweiler and no one seems to want to win the AFC South or North, so who are the three and four seeds? In the NFC does New York catch Dallas for the division. If not, do the Cowboys get knocked off in the playoffs? Detroit seems to be floundering, can Green Bay catch them? Are we buying the Falcons in a close NFC South 13 games in to the season? Pops wants to address rumors of Bill Polian to be the president of football operations, mistake? It's ridiculous that there are rumors after two seasons that the Bears could be blowing up the staff again. Todd McShay has four running backs in the first round in his early mock draft, problem? In our last segment we vent because 'We Got Beef.' Pops sounds off on Jeff Fisher who is massively overrated and is out 'for revenge' now after being mediocre and fleecing the organization for his contract. Blair's beef has to do with Aqib Talib. There was a dirty hit in the Titans and Broncos game. Talib has the audacity to sound off on someone going after someone's knees yet poked someone in the eye last season, on purpose!

January 18, 2017 03:17 PM PST

Blair starts things off after going down to Louisville to see Purdue lose to the Cardinals. What does this mean for the Boilermaker program? A big story has to be the struggles of Vince Edwards, was it right to bench him? Moving over to college football, did the committee get the four teams right or wrong? Penn State winning the conference and not getting in really opens a can of worms with Ohio State a no doubter for everyone. How much does the conference championship factor into this decision? Do the Huskies have a chance against Alabama? Which team is the favorite in Ohio State and Clemson? Who would give the Crimson Tide the best game? Baseball free agency moves on with the CBA agreed to, so what was changed? How does it change the free agent market and moves between small and large market teams? What are the changes for the International talent pool and the luxury tax? And then we recap free agency thus far after not going over much yet. We start with the Astros who made a lot of early noise, but still on the offense and not really on the pitching staff. The Diamondbacks added another young pitcher, and have a good commodity of it, but will he actually deliver in Arizona? What do we make of Atlanta adding veterans to the staff? Will the White Sox actually sell? Are we buying the rumors about Detroit potentially selling? Who will be the first domino to fall in the closer market? The Cubs signed Jon Jay which means a few things for the OF rotation, what do we think Chicago will do going forward? What do we think will happen with Jorge Soler? Pops comes up with an arbitrary 10 million to make moves which Blair calls out because Chicago has the ability to move funds around. Blair does some bragging after locking up the 1 seed in Fantasy Football. We go over the match ups in round one and see what Pops thinks since he's sitting out. Pops has complaints about the Texans and DeAndre Hopkins' irrelevance. At what point does Bill O'Brien make a QB change? Pops is back on the beef cattle train with Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams. Fisher having a job takes a dump all over the Rooney Rule. There's always time to go over Kirk Herbstreit and Pops goes over him for having no integrity in his job with his inability to put his Ohio State fandom aside.

January 16, 2017 03:00 PM PST

We start with Big Ten basketball and trying to figure out where Purdue stands early in the season with Villanova the only game on their schedule thus far. Michigan State continues to lose its blistering schedule and IU beat Kansas but lost at IPFW. In college basketball the early story has to be Baylor who has stacked up wins against Oregon, Michigan State and Louisville already. Kentucky looks more athletic than normal after crushing the Spartans. Butler has continued their success after a win against Arizona. Blair jumps on the Hoosiers for being overrated again this season. Speaking of overrated teams, we switch to Notre Dame football. Is Brian Kelly going to get fired? After all the hoopla for how many premiere jobs were supposed to be open and then teams like Penn State, Auburn and USC rebounded. Now all of a sudden there just aren't as many jobs for a lot of candidates. Is Houston a good enough job to draw a big name? Lane Kiffin's contract runs out and there are rumors out there. Does he leave Alabama? What do we think of the Todd Herman and Coach O hires? Will Herman be able to take Texas up a few levels? Before we preview the conference championships, who are our top 4 teams right now? How does this whole scenario play out? What's the nightmare scenario? This year seems like the one that leads to a call to go to an 8 game playoff. We move on to Fantasy Football with just one week left in the regular season and look at the potential playoff match ups. With Pops on the outside looking in Blair has him predict who he think is in. We move on to the NFL with more up and down play out of top teams, so who wins? Who are the division winners and playoff teams? Who wins the NFC North and who are the Wild Cards? We make our conference championship picks at this point in the season. For his beef Blair goes after these stories that have come out that have not been true and is sick of it, especially after an election that has proof that fake stories greatly swayed public opinion.

December 05, 2016 05:37 PM PST

We kick it off with the college football Playoff Committee and Pops already has an issue. He feels like they are bending already to public criticism. With a new chairman Pops thinks they can get this wrong...after telling people the poll is irrelevant two weeks into them picking their top four. Who else are threats to possibly make a run to the BCS Invitational? We get a shot in against Purdue Football before starting with the basketball team as we do our college basketball preview. It has to be Caleb Swanigan's team, but Pops is really worried about the guard play. Carsen Edwards has a chance to be an X Factor for the black and gold. Matt Painter has to make sure the team doesn't fall in love with the 3-point line. The Boilermakers don't have a tough non-conference, minus their cross conference commitments. Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State and Kansas are part of the Champions Classic, how about Purdue starts one? In the Big Ten Wisconsin brings back it's entire team and is expected to take a step forward, buying em? Everyone knows what Izzo brings to the table and he got a dynamite recruiting class, but a brutal non-conference schedule. Will they go back to the top? Indiana has a lot of talent, but was a doughnut team last year. Can they toughen up? For Painter, the pressure is on to deliver with a five-star prospect. Taking a look at the national landscape, Duke and Kentucky are at the top. Do they have the number one pick on their team? Oregon is at four, are they overrated? How does Villanova do this year after winning the championship? What do we make of the PAC12 as a whole? Time to talk Cubs as the stove heats up for the baseball offseason. What does Chicago do in the outfield with Baez proving himself at 2nd and having Schwarber, Zobrist, Heyward, Almora and Soler? The attention is really going to be paid to the bullpen with closer a place they need to address again. Chicago also has money to spend with Montero, Lackey and Arrieta all free agents next season. Will Theo Epstein go after the big name pitchers that could available? Will we have a work stoppage with the CBA expiring? Who and when does Chicago already start looking for contract extensions? For beef this week Blair takes on Colin Kaepernick. He's kneeling during the National Anthem to take a stand but says he didn't vote because it's irrelevant. That's a contradiction and harms his position.

November 28, 2016 12:40 PM PST

We get Tyler back this week but open up with the World Series and check in with Pops to see how he's feeling at this historic championship. Did Joe Maddon over manage game 7? There were plenty of times for the Chicago Cubs to revert back to the choker persona, but this team is different. What was the turning point in the World Series? The Kris Bryant home run in game 5? Should Ben Zobrist have been the MVP? Are the Indians and Cubs the favorites for next year? Tyler takes on Cleveland as a team that was going to change the logo and then slapped it everywhere after getting to the Series. We aren't asking the D question, but when it comes to the Cubs' talent how about the simple question of where does Zobrist play? Chapman is a free agent, does he come back? Pops tries to blow up the entire Cubs pen. We were expecting a down season for the Blackhawks and they really are streaking right now. Are they better than we thought? Vey little to go off for the Bulls, but what do we make of the team on the short season? What do we make of the villains this season, the Golden State Warriors? Steve Kerr's squad may have a bit of an attitude change after going all in to chase 72-10 last season. LSU and Alabama starts of college football. It was tough, low scoring and physical. What do we make of the game and some missed calls? What do we take away for Bama? Is it an impressive win? Everyone freaked out about Texas A&M being in the first Playoff poll but they handled it themselves by getting upset by Mississippi State. So who do we think are actually the four best teams? If Washington wins the PAC12 will they be in? Pops is still riding high on Louisville, can they jump the conference champion? From Saban we trust to Belichick we trust, what does Pops make of the Jamie Collins trade? It looks very much like another possible Patriots' Super Bowl year, could this damper that? I mean who stands out in the NFL, let alone the AFC to challenge New England? Who would think with a triple side of beef Tyler doesn't have any. For his beef Pops is beefin on Miguel Montero complaining during the World Series parade. For Blair's beef he is taking on delusional quaterbacks. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jay Cutler speak out about not having support of their teams...after being bad. If you don't play well you lose your job. Tyler jumps in to beef on some of Pops' arguments against non-SEC playoff teams.

November 08, 2016 02:08 PM PST

We start off of course with the Cubs going to the World Series and Pops puts it in perspective for us. We recap the NLCS such as the decision to save Clayton Kershaw for Game 6. Or was it just that he ran out of gas? It's not a championship but how does it quantify with the other sports that the Cubs just got back to the World Series. Heading to the World Series there are rumors that Kyle Schwarber got cleared to take ABs and could be used as a DH? Will he? Is it smart? What are the Cubs going to do with their rotation? Does Lester go in game 1? Does potential Cy Young winner Kyle Hendricks get saved for game 3 in Wrigley? The Indians are more of small ball team so the key will be for Chicago get after the three-headed bullpen monster of Miller, Shaw and Allen. Who has the advantage and who are we taking? Which manager has the advantage in the World Series? We move from something we're excited about to another disappointing headline from the NFL. Weed, National Anthem protests, ratings are several things that are more important than domestic violence to the NFL. Roger Goodell, the NFL and the New York Giants got it so wrong when it came to Josh Brown. The amount of effort and time spent to go after Tom Brady shows how little they care and the hypocrisy when it comes to their punishment. Speaking of legal issues, Derrick Rose beat his gang rape case but there were comments made by the judge and jury that seems to kind of diminish the lack of bias they should have for a case this serious. The image of Derrick Rose has completely crashed and never will be good again. We take a snap shot of the NFL with it still making not a whole lot of sense week to week. I mean Carolina is one with that team falling off a cliff. What teams are real and who are we buying as legitimate threats for a championship? Let's keep talking football but the collegiate ranks with Alabama being a factory. LSU has rebounded, can the Tigers pull of the upset in a few weeks? Of course the big NCAAF story is Ohio State got upset by Penn State which opens up the playoff picture. Who do we think the top 4 is right now? We wrap up our NBA previews with the East, which we will likely very quickly speed through a conference that stinks. Which teams are picking for the playoffs, but who really are worth watching? Kind of surprisingly, Pops is taking the entire Central Division to make the playoffs and Blair doesn't really disagree. The East REALLY stinks! Where do the Bulls finish in the Central? What do their off season moves do to the team? It really is the Cleveland Cavaliers and everyone else so we do a little preview against the Warriors. Four our beef this week I take on James Franklin who made insensitive comments about Penn State beginning to heal because of it's upset over Ohio State. Football is the whole reason the Nittany Lions are in that mess so have some sensitivity about it.

October 27, 2016 09:21 AM PDT

Pops was on the wait and see train last week for Purdue who got dominated by Iowa at half and now Darrell Hazell is fired. Do we give Mike Bobinski credit or was his hand forced? The Boilermakers are finally getting lights so they can host night games, one of the last programs to get them. The Hazell hire was un-Purdue move and canning him before the season is over is a move in new territory. We give a little update on the possible coaching candidates Purdue could be looking at. We get an updated on college football, starting with Notre Dame losing again and Alabama trouncing Tennessee. Houston lost which opens up the BCS Invitational picture. Are we buying Washington, Baylor or West Virginia? Does a one loss Michigan, Ohio State or Louisville get in instead? Pops is 100% against that school up North this season but his normal punching bag, Nebraska, is still undefeated. Mark Dantonio and Michigan State are really having a down year, will he leave because of it? We move over to baseball where Pops said he wasn't worried when they got ready to face off against the Giants but what about being down 5-2 going into the 9th of Game 4? How about that decision to load the bases in Game 1 before Miguel Montero hit a Grand Slam to win the game. Do we have any worries over the pen with Aroldis Champan's issues to stop inherited runners from scoring? Especially with the new habit being to use closers for more than just an inning. The ALCS match up is Cleveland and Toronto, the exact opposite of what we thought. Who do we think is going to the World Series? How crucial is Game 2 against Clayton Kershaw? Can we count on John Lackey for Game 4 in the NLCS? Hockey and basketball season are around the corner and we kick off the previews with the Chicago Blackhakws. This may be a season unlike fans have seen in awhile with the all the youth and depth depleted from the cap issues. Is a salary dump coming finally? You have the core of Kane, Toews, Panarin and Crawford so Stan Bowman has tried to stay in the hunt for the Stanley Cup, but it may cost your core's prime with just first or second round exits. Are we starting to lose faith in Stan Bowman? Pops also gives us his Top 4 team in the West and East, though really it seems like either Pittsburgh or Tampa. We break the NBA in half and knock out the Western Conference preview this week. Is the Northwest division still OKC's to win? Does Minnesota break the drought and get into the playoffs? What does Damian Lilliard and Portland do this season? Utah is another young roster as well, do they take a step forward? In the Pacific Division of course we take Golden State. The Clippers seems likely to get into the playoffs, but anyone else? How long does it take the Warriors to gel? In the Southwest Division it's still clearly the Spurs, but do they drop off? Memphis spent a bunch of money but are still getting pretty old, does Anthony Davis stay healthy, Dallas lost their off season again and Houston added more jump shooters so that should work right? We pick our eight Western playoff teams. Who is the biggest threat to the Warriors in the Western Conference? Pops has beef with the Bears who are quickly trending downwards.

October 18, 2016 01:07 PM PDT

We get Tyler back this week in time to talk a lot of college football and baseball playoffs. After us wanting to burn down the Purdue football program after the Maryland debacle but came back and won at Illinois, good or bad? Pops of all people, says we should take a step back with the black and gold at 3-2, shocking. Keeping going with college football we talk about the cancellation of LSU and Florida and will it get rescheduled? Last week we talked about some potential job openings and this week we really get into it and who our top candidates are. It could be the greatest collection of programs open with Oregon, USC, LSU, Texas and Notre Dame seeming like they'll be looking for coaches this winter. Pops doesn't have LSU as the top job, a bit surprising in our opinions. What coaches do we think will be considered or looking for a program upgrade? We also get Tyler's opinion on Art Briles rehabbing his image at Purdue and the Les Miles rumors. We move onto the NFL to talk about a job we think will be open and that's the Colts, who got our attention because of Ryan Grigson's dumb comments about why his defense is bad. It's time to talk MLB Playoffs with the Red Sox and Rangers both floundering to start their series. How worried were Pops and I when the Cubs got the Giants? While we talk baseball playoffs we take a shot at the White Sox for another lackluster manager hiring. The Dodgers and Nationals have been disappointments year in and year out the past few playoffs, so who gets out of that match up? Is Madison Bumgarner the best post season pitcher ever? We Got Beef! And for Blair it's the fact that OBJ is letting people get in his head and take him out of games. Pops vents about losing a Fantasy Football game by one point, something that has happened to everyone.

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