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3 Sports Guns
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www.3sportsguns.com We're a sports blog that focuses a lot in the Chicago area and Purdue University. We just became Fantasy...

by 3 Sports Guns
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August 18, 2016 04:14 PM PDT

We start off with an Olympic update, starting with Michael Phelps. Is he the greatest Olympian? Greatest athlete of all time? How do the gold medals measure up to American titles and individual achievements? Is part of the reason it's not talked about because Americans don't take the Olympics seriously? How about the fact that he wins at every stroke? Will Phelps, despite his claims, swim in Tokyo? Speaking of dominance, will Katie Ledecky follow after Phelps? Really the United States could have sent out the gymnastics and swimming teams and done pretty well in the medal count. How do you measure the dominance of the U. S. gymnastics team and Simone Biles? Finally we get to trash, I mean, talk Purdue who finally replaced Morgan Burke. Mike Bobinski takes over the mess of Purdue football and he has actual experience, already a positive, but what has he actually done? How do you feel about the hiring of what seems like a pretty inexperienced guy? Something that is flying under the radar is that Purdue, who is supposed to be a self-sufficient sports program, is 12 million dollars short even with the Big Ten Network money! We continue our college football previews with the Big Ten, starting with the awful Purdue football team. When it comes to the start of a Boilermaker season under Darrell Hazell you gotta ask, gonna see another QB switch? What do we make of the roster? Pops is putting the over/under at 2 and 1/2 games, can the Boilers win more? We start in the West, which is the weaker half. Who are we taking and who's schedule is favorable? In the East there's some questions with Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State. Which team are you taking? J. T. Barrett comes back and brings a lot of experience, but the Buckeyes lost a lot of talent to the draft. Michigan State got to the playoffs but graduated Connor Cook, can they continue to build on what they've accomplished? Tyler is feeling Michigan, Pops is annoyed how overblown the Maize and Blue is. We continue our NFL previews out West this week. Denver lost a lot of talent in free agency and Kansas City was in the playoffs last year, does the division bunch up? Will we see two or three QBs for the Broncos? Kansas City didn't really make any roster shake ups, can they close the gap? The Raiders opened some eyes last year and it seems like everyone is giving them credit, can they surprise this season? Will Khalil Mack break the single season sack record? The Chargers have talent but seem much, much older and never deliver. Not to mention, the San Diego front office is starting to develop a reputation as jerks that screw over players. Which fantasy running back do you trust most? Will the top of the NFC West be close, or will Arizona stay in front? Which Seattle team will we get this year? Can Palmer and the Cardinals stay healthy and productive? The Rams moved to LA, draft Jared Goff and have Todd Gurley, but will the lack of the offensive production limit him? The biggest commentary for the 49ers is that fact that Blaine Gabbert could be the starter. Is there anyone in San Francisco or Los Angeles, besides Gurley, that you'd draft for your fantasy team?

August 14, 2016 10:34 PM PDT

Only two Guenthers this week with Tyler scouting the ACC but Pops and Blair can handle it, starting with the trade deadline. Who was your number one winner? The Dodgers made a big trade with the A's and the Rangers added some big names. What about Andrew Miller going to Cleveland? Who did the best out of the sellers? The Yankees restocked the farm system quick with the Miller and Alrodis Chapman trades. The Cubs added Joe Smith before the deadline and the White Sox didn't make any moves, surprised at the lack of moves? The Sox look like a mess with multiple articles tearing them down for wasting Chris Sale. How do the trade deadlines shape up the playoff predictions? Predictions right now are Giants versus Cubs and Indians versus the Rangers in the Championship Series. We talk some Fantasy Baseball with Pops and I facing off this week in a likely first round match up. Johnny still only has lost one game, can anyone beat him? We move onto Fantasy Football where the keepers are finally traded. Blair traded DeAndre Hopkins to Pops for the swap of 1, 3, 5 picks and Tyler sent Lamar Miller to Cory for 1, 3, 5 swap of picks. With keepers mostly set now we talk about our Keeper League draft. We move onto our next college preview the SEC. We start in the East, can Florida repeat? Pops takes a second to take a shot at Purdue because Austin Appleby is the number two QB at Florida and Danny Etling is number two at LSU, they could play meaningful football. Are the Vols gonna rise to the top? They have the talent. The Georgia Bulldogs have the easiest schedule and apparently grow 1000 yard backs on trees in Athens, so that's our pick for the East. Ole Miss has become a surprise, Arkansas finished third in the West last season so is it still Alabama and LSU one and two? Harris takes over for the Tigers, Tyler's guy, can the offense actually be more modern now? Pops jumps on Hugh Freeze for him always praising God but being a scum bag. Ole Miss has the tougher schedule whereas Bama and LSU have pretty easy first halves and then tough four game stretches late. The coaches are definitely trouble at Auburn and Texas A&M and can Arkansas build on what they did last season? Who goes into the Playoffs and the New Year 6?

August 07, 2016 02:35 PM PDT

We start off with one of our favorite Chicago Bears, Charles Tillman, who has called it a career. Is he the best Bears' cornerback ever? We talk some Fantasy Football in our keeper league with some players on the move. Tyler traded Mark Ingram and the 14th pick for the 3rd overall pick, with some other possible players on the move. We talk some baseball trades with the deadline two days away and the Cubs knocked a domino down trading a massive haul for Alrodis Chapman. After not putting Andrew Miller up the Yankees traded Andrew Miller to the Indians, for a deal that seemed less than the Cubs gave up. Chapman is a free agent at the end of the season and Chapman has two more years on his deal, which is a bit of head scratcher. With what the Cubs given up it would have been nice to not have a rental. Even though Chicago got Chapman, Pops isn't feeling the bullpen. Hector Rondon moves to the setup and there's Pedro Strop, is it really a three-headed monster? Carl Edwards Jr. is someone to watch, he's having a nice season but hasn't been used a lot. Chicago could still be in the market for a pitcher with Jake Arrieta seeming to hit a wall and Jason Hammel and John Lackey slowing down. Closers have been on the move and there's the curious rejection of going to Cleveland from catcher Jonathon Lucroy. Will we see one of the big pitchers traded? What do you make of the disconnect between Chris Sale and the White Sox management? We move onto another NCAAF preview with the Big 12. Will Baylor be punished? Texas is getting a lot of talk, are we buying it? Can anyone challenge Oklahoma? Okie State finished second last year, can they be a threat for a conference title? The Big 12 is heading towards expansion with no really great choices, it looks like it's going to be Houston and BYU. Do anything for ya? We get into some NFL previews starting out East. In the AFC Tom Brady took the 4 game suspension, will it matter? Can the Jets match what they did last season? Will Buffalo's defense be better? And then there's the mess that is Miami. Can Tyrod Taylor duplicate what he did last season? The NFC East looks like another division that could be ugly. If healthy are the Cowboys a Super Bowl contender? Can Washington replicate their season? What's going on with the Giants after spending all that money on defense? And Philly just looks like a mess.

August 06, 2016 01:26 AM PDT

We ended with a social issue last week and start with one this week with the NBA pulling the All-Star game out of Charlotte. What do you think of Adam Silver doing that? We move from serious stupidity to a more fun stupidity with Derrick Rose saying the Knicks are a 'super team' *pause for laughter* Good riddance to him being gone from the Bulls. Over in baseball Chris Sale had an outburst and destroyed a throwback uniform and got sent home from a scheduled start. Who's side are you on? What do you make of the issues between Sale and management that have been boiling all season long? There have been some rumors about him being on the move, is that possible? The first move that really needs to be made is Kenny Williams being gone because it seems impossible to grade general manager Rick Hahn's moves. The Cubs make a minor move adding Mike Minor and send out Paul Blackburn and Dan Vogelbach, though it seems like Chicago sent out a lot of value. Andrew Miller is seemingly off the market, but does Epstein go after Alrodis Champman? Speaking of trades, Epstein and the brain trust have developed a lot of nice bats but what about pitching? We talk some Fantasy Baseball and take a look at the possible playoffs as we hit the two-thirds mark. We move over to fantasy football with some possible trades in our keeper leagues. Will Tyler move Le'Veon Bell and what about his suspension? Roger Goodell has said any football players that were listed on Al Jazeera report, but several players have said they won't show up. The college football previews continue with the PAC12 this week, a conference of blah. There have been teams that rise to power, but their coaches leave and the team comes back to Earth. Oregon has gone down, can Stanford keep it up? USC, Cal, UCLA, Utah; buy any of them? The PAC12 non-conference schedule really leaves a lot of disappointment. Tyler of course has another wild card pick, he's riding Washington. Is anyone in the BCS Invitational or the New Year's 6?

August 04, 2016 12:38 AM PDT

Starting the podcast is the rumor that Blake Griffin could be on the move from the Clippers, buy it? Is Boston come calling? Is it enough to get past the Cavs? What chances do you give Russell Westbrook being gone before the regular season? Andrew Luck just signed a massive a contract so does that doom the Colts from getting to the Super Bowl, since they can't build a team around him when he was cheap? Von Miller signed a huge deal, finally, so what does that mean? Would you rather have JJ Watt or Miller? Surprised that Tom Brady gave up his appeal and took the 4 game suspension? Roger Goodell took an entire year and a half and everyone is just sick of it. We start our college previews with the ACC. Does it come down to just FSU or Clemson? What about UNC and Louisville with Petrino at the head? Tyler is taking Miami and Louisville for the ACC Championship game. Is there a surprise this year? What do we expect for VATech with Beamer gone? Notre Dame is an 'ACC' school, what about them? Does an ACC team make the playoffs? And does another one make the New Year 6? We take a look at Houston as the real non-power 5 big boys. Are the Fighting Irish a threat to get to the playoffs or New Year 6? We wrap up the podcast with social awareness after Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James saying that athletes needing to play more of a role in standing up for the police violence. Are athletes role models? Tyler wraps up the podcast with an update for the Rio Olympics and the health crisis.

August 01, 2016 01:02 PM PDT

We start with some more NBA with the Chicago Bulls who surprised everyone by getting Dwayne Wade out of South Beach. The team wants to get younger, faster and up and down so they will start three guards who aren't great shooters and need the ball in their hands. No one thought Wade would happen so you go with it, but the 'philosophy' for this season went out the window. Not really a rebuild because they won't get any value out of their draft picks and do you really think they can win a championship? Does the 'Big 3' of Wade/Rondo/Butler give you a better chance to do some recruiting next season? Wade is out of South Beach so what happens to Miami? Should Chris Bosh retire? We're to the All-Star break for baseball and the Cubs needed it with the team really struggling. Jake Arrieta looks extremely mortal. The offense could rebound when Dexter Fowler comes off the DL, but the pitching is the concern. Can they land Andrew Miller without giving up Kyle Schwarber? Chicago has no young pitchers knocking on the door putting them in a tough position. The White Sox got off to a hot start and have really fallen off the cliff. Who can the Pale Hose sell? We talk some Fantasy Football with us starting a Dynasty League this year and then look at who we think the keepers will be in our Guenther League going into year 5.

July 27, 2016 09:13 PM PDT

This week is pretty simple...free agency; a little hockey and a whole lot of basketball. We start with the Chicago Blackhawks. Brian Campbell comes back to the Windy City. At 37 he still played very well last season. But what the heck is going on with the third offensive line? What about some winner or loser? There were some head scratching moves, including the Nashville trade. We move on to Golden State with Kevin Durant, the huge news. That's a collection of some of the best shooters of possibly all time. Do you love or hate KD jumping ships? Bogut and Ezeli are gone along with Barbosa, will that be a factor for what was a deep team? What happens with Russell Westbrook? Does Boston come calling? What happens with Dwayne Wade; Cleveland? What do the Cavs do to play catch up? Will the Spurs be a threat? They signed Gasol but sings point to Duncan retiring. The Bulls signed Rajon Rondo...which doesn't fit the system. How does this work with the Denzel Valentine pick? How about the absurd amount of money being giving out? What about the Pacers, who's Blair's pick for the best offseason. What about the Mavericks? Their plan A failed again but got Bogut and Barnes, decent right? At least Houston had a crappy off season.

July 25, 2016 06:54 PM PDT

Back this week to talk NBA with Cleveland coming back from 3-1 to upset the Golden State Warriors and get the championship. Does it validate all the criticism from last year's championship? Was it just the injuries? How about Steph Curry's hero ball hurting Golden State's chances? How about some of the inconsistent whistles? What happens with the Kevin Durant sweepstakes? Does Kevin Love get traded? We take a look at the NBA off-season starting with Derrick Rose leaving the Windy City. Is it a calculated risk for the New York Knicks or just more past prime stars? What about the Thunder and Magic trade? Is Ibaka worth it? Does it mean Durant will stay? We move over to the NFL with the Eagles paying Fletcher Cox big money but Von Miller is sitting at home with no contract. How much criticism does John Elway deserve with how many free agents have lost Denver? We move over to hockey where the Blackhawks are up against a cap crunch. #TeuvoTime was moved to get rid of Bickell, assuming to keep Shaw...who was then traded draft night. For so long it has been in Bowman we trust, but he keeps trading all the kids they need. We're spoiled as fans with the three Stanley Cups, but a little future sight would be ideal.

July 24, 2016 06:30 PM PDT

We're back after a bit of a hiatus and unfortunately awful events happen in the news with the massive Orlando shooting. We jump back into the Stanley Cup Finals that have been a bit disappointing even with San Jose getting game 5. A quick shot at Alex Ovechkin who continues to fail to get to even the conference finals. The Pens have kind of run away with it after loading up on offense in the off season and kids being added for the late run. Do the Sharks and Penguins have staying power? We move over to the Blackhawks who face another tough summer needing to shed salary. Andrew Shaw is a free agent and rumors suggest they may move #TeuvoTime to get rid of Bickell. The Cubs are in the rumor mill targeting big time outfielders. For the White Sox Tim Anderson has come up and Justin Morneau was signed, but there isn't a lot going on. Pops have some guys to check out for Fantasy Baseball. We move onto the NBA where LeBron has been really disappointing, seemingly not taking games over. How much fault does James deserve? Where do you fall on Draymond Green's suspension? He's a spark plug but went to far. What about Steve Kerr's criticism of LeBron's lock of a jump shot and post up game? Golden State's win seems like a forgone conclusion. Are we looking at a dynasty? If LeBron doesn't win this season or next does he leave Cleveland again?

April 16, 2016 03:49 PM PDT

We're one Guenther short this week with Tyler taking vacation but Pops and I can handle it with the first week of baseball down and playoffs getting started for hockey and basketball. We start with the Cubs with Kyle Schwarber. What does this do for the team? Is it possible Chicago looks for a left handed bat this summer? Pops is surprised early this season that the Cubbies have been able to work the counts. How about fantasy in the first week; what about the strategy of subbing out some of the lower parts of the roster for hot bats and arms? We move over to hockey with the Blackhaws facing a familiar foe in the St. Louis Blues. The team has been mostly down to end the season with Corey Crawford hurt and Duncan Keith suspended. With that, and Chicago losing to them near the end of the season, how much of a chance do we give the Hawks to get out of the series? We wrap up March Madness with the Final 4 and Championship game. A lot of people are saying this is possibly the greatest championship game of all time, where does it actually rank? The semi-final games stunk which ways it down a bit. We take an oath to not make fun of Villanova again. Do we think Jay Wright could bounce to the NBA? Pops takes a shot at Roy Williams as vastly overrated. Louisville has stripped scholarships from themselves, which seems like something really bad should be coming down the pipe. We move on to preview the NBA 1st round match ups but before we get there, the Bulls gave up down the stretch. Pau Gasol criticizes the maturity of the team, it's a mess. All the problems start up top, Gar Forman and John Paxson. Derrick Rose is endanger of being the first guy to win the MVP and not be a Hall of Famer. Pops thinks it's a bit subjective, but Blair thinks it's more serious. We preview the NBA playoff first rounds and make some best of 7 predictions. Who provides the biggest threat to the Cavs in the East? Will Cleveland be in a 7 game series in the East? How does the chase for 72 affect the Warriors, get it or not? Which potential second round match up goes longer; Clippers versus Warriors or Spurs versus Thunder? Which first round series is the most interesting in both conferences? Pops wraps up the podcast with a shot at Purdue Football.

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