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Three Sports Guns
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www.3sportsguns.com We're a sports blog that focuses a lot in the Chicago area and Purdue University. We just became Fantasy...

by 3 Sports Guns
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November 17, 2015 09:33 PM PST

This week we start off with the NBA with the GM survey; championships odds, rookie of the year, MVP, all of them. Golden State is picked 6th likeliest to win, all the more reason to be peeved. We then talk Bulls who have been up and down and something seems off with the team. Derrick Rose doesn't seem to be the leader of the team, and never has. Rose continues to have shooting struggles with his vision problems and would make the team more dangerous with more distributing. Now that we're more than halfway through the season we survey the NFL, starting with the Oakland Raiders. Are they gonna make the playoffs? Is the AFC picture already pretty much settled? Do you buy the Cincinnati Bengals? How are the Colts this bad? Moving over to the NFC, how about those Seattle Seahawks? The Carolina Panthers are still undefeated and looking to get a bye in the playoffs. Out of the undefeated teams left who do you give the best chance to run the table? Without Jordy Nelson the Packers have seemed to really struggle. We recap the big weekend in college football starting with Oklahoma State and TCU. The Cowboys tough opponents are all at home to wrap up the season. Clemson beat Florida State in a low scoring game and clinched their division. Alabama picks apart LSU and Tyler blames Pops for picking his team. Cam Cameron failed to find ways to get Fournette into some space. Will we get a playoff with 4 different conferences? Is Henry from Alabama the leader for the Heisman? In replace of Garbage Time we have a couple of topics to go over, starting with the failed Duke/Miami replay. We move onto the next replay issue, Michigan State against Nebraska. It was another bad call. We also talk about the Missouri issue and about the stand the Mizzou football team took. They showed they are students and showed the power of students. The last topic is Greg Hardy. The pictures of his ex-girlfriend came out and the NFL, but way more so the Dallas Cowboys look like jerks who don't care. Hardy hasn't stopped being disruptive on the field.

November 12, 2015 02:56 PM PST

We come back to the backyard after byes and Purdue Football is getting 60 million from the university to add to the facilities. Surprising? Will it matter? The Boilermakers got the win against Nebraska and with the money owed to Darrell Hazell, it looks like he'll be back. That's his first Big Ten home win in almost three seasons. We talk some Fantasy Football as with all the injuries people have started to stash away players that are hurt for next year's draft. And the big time players continue to go out for the season. After a streak of playoff appearances, Pops is pretty much out of it already. The topic this week for the Bears is do you ship everything off that's not nailed down? We move on to the World Series that really looks decided already 4 games in. How surprising is it that the Series has been this lopsided. We're just a few games into the hockey season, but we get a recap on the Blackhawks. The offense looks solid but losing Duncan Keith hurts. There is still some juggling while the team deals with Bryan Bickell. We talk the overtime rules for hockey. Is it really hockey? We wrap up with some college football heading into a huge weekend; TCU at Okie State, Florida State at Clemson and LSU at Alabama. With the AAC still having undefeated teams it could really shake up the BCS Bowls and the BCS Invitational with so many Power 5 Conference teams undefeated. With the Tigers facing off against the Crimson Tide, that means Tyler and Pops making bets.

November 09, 2015 07:12 PM PST

We start the podcast with a moment of silence for Flip Saunders and the awful event that happened at Oklahoma State's homecoming. We jump right into college football with which Power 5 conference seems likely to miss the BCS Invitational. The PAC12 is the easy answer with no undefeated teams left. The Big12 should be a little worried with Seth Russell out for Baylor and possibly have no team make it out undefeated. Kansas City is the only team in history to lose a winner take all World Series and get back the next year for another shot at the title. Kansas City is back, but the pitching match up favors the Mets the big time. Daniel Murphy comes in as well on a historic run. We do a little reflecting on the Championship Series, can Toronto or Chicago sustain? What will the Blue Jays do with their staff? The Cubs reliance on power seemed to doom them against power pitching. The match up to watch is the contact Royals' O against the Mets' power pitching. We move to Fantasy Football with more injuries happening again this week. Is this the end of Arian Foster? We talk some disappointments and some surprises. We finish up our NBA previews starting with the Southwest division. Will all 5 teams get in again this season? Will Anthony Davis win the MVP? Are the Rockets even a threat to get to the Conference Finals again? We wrap up the Western Conference with the Pacific Division. How many games will Kobe miss? Can the Sacramento experiment work? What do the Clippers do? What's the minimum Golden State has to do not to have their title called a fluke? We finish up the Central division and start at the bottom with the Detroit Pistons. With Jeff Van Gundy make them competitive? Do you fear the Deer? Does the youth improve and push them up the Eastern conference? What does Paul George's return mean for the Pacers? How does Monta Ellis fit in? Who finishes better, Pacers or Bucks? Can the Cavaliers get health this season? Cavs are still the pick to get the Finals out of the East. Fred Hoiberg comes in to jump start the O, will the defense be there? Chicago has the depth, but will it matter? How many games will Derrick Rose miss? Is there a beef between Rose and Jimmy Butler?

November 01, 2015 12:23 AM PDT

A whole lot of things to cover this week but we start with a short backyard. If the coordinators are fired would you be okay with Darrell Hazell coming back? With the coaching staff at the helm for the Chicago Bears, do you think they can finish second in the NFC North? There were a lot of headlines in college football this week. We start with Steve Spurrier quitting on South Carolina and seemingly getting a pass for it. Steve Sarkasian was let go at USC and AD Pat Haden seems to be escaping criticism. Florida QB Will Greer was suspended but says it was an accident, buy it? This transitions into some of the big games this past week, starting with Florida and LSU; a surprisingly close game. Alabama came out and handled it's business against Texas A&M with the secondary outscoring the Aggies. We're heading to the clash of LSU of Alabama, the game of the year. Ever seen an ending like the Michigan State and Michigan game? Give Michigan a shot against Ohio State at home? Are we buying Iowa who looks like they're going undefeated in the joke of the Big Ten West. What about Stanford; can they get back into the BCS Invitational? Speaking of the PAC12, what about Utah? Speaking of the playoffs do you buy Florida State or Clemson out of the ACC? Last for the playoff conversation is the Big12 with TCU and Baylor. We talk some Fantasy Football, who are real and disappointments? Tyler talks about the daily fantasy betting leagues which brings more bad PR to the NFL. We talk some playoff baseball with the Cubs seeming to run out of gas. In the ALCS is it going to be a sweep? We do some more NBA previews with Southeast division. How high are you on the Miami Heat? Are Washington and Atlanta still playoff teams? The first West division we break down is the Northwest. It's Oklahoma City or bust pretty much and they're a title contender.

October 21, 2015 11:21 PM PDT

We start in our backyard and keep it short with Purdue continuing to struggle, badly. A beat up Minnesota team came to Ross Ade and cured what ailed them. After Blair's article he deemed Coach Hazell's tenure needing to end after a blowout, but Tyler mentioned his buyout and a cheap school won't make it happen. The coordinators, especially John Shoop, has no clue what to do. After Merkell Jones' career game he doesn't even start. No passing game and the Gophers ran the ball all game with huge success. The Chicago Bears had another late win against the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite a lack of talent, but the coaching staff seems to be getting the best out of their team. Pernell McPhee looks like a great signing and a centerpiece on defense going forward. Moving on to college football there are huge games in the SEC with Florida versus LSU and Texas A&M versus Alabama. Harbaugh has really improved, should Ohio State and Michigan State be worried? What you make of Utah in a weak PAC12? And man Oregon is bad. We take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks as the offense really looks to be clicking with a lot of changing pieces. On defense Van Riemsdyk looks solid for a 3rd blue line that needs him. We move on to the baseball playoffs a few games into the Divisional Series. The Mets' pitching is hot right now. We talk about the Chase Utley slide, a dirty play. It leads to a conversation about baseball umps, the biggest prima donnas in all sports. What do you make of the Cubs' pitching? If Jake Arrieta doesn't win game 3 will Chicago be done? The Cubs' lineup looks really deep after Jorge Soler led the team in game 2 and Schwarber and Fowler led the team in the Wild Card. Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo haven't even gotten a hit yet. In the AL isn't it surprising that Texas is up 2-0 and what about the Astros and the Royals? For the Duel at High Noon with start with Ed Hochuli and the Cam Newton incident, it seemed to disappear immediately. And what's going to happen with the Seattle blown call? With Jamal Charles injury is this the worst year for Fantasy injuries? And who is the biggest injury thus far? And the last question is who is best running back in college football? For garbage time we talk about Leonard Fournette wanting to auction off his jersey for the flood victims in South Carolina. Apparently the NCAA got worried about it.

October 12, 2015 11:27 PM PDT

We start with a brief backyard as Purdue played Michigan State close...again. Does it mean anything? We move onto college football as Georgia again failed to get the big win to put themselves in the National Championship picture...again. Florida gets a big win against Ole Miss that vaults them up the rankings. Are the Gators back? Who is number 2 and 3 in the SEC behind LSU? Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida? Clemson beat Notre Dame, what does that mean for those two? Utah or bust for the PAC12? Pops breaks down the NHL, telling us the teams that are a threat to win a Stanley Cup. We then take a closer look at the Blackhawks with some of their shuffling offensive lines. We talk wild cards for the playoffs with Houston at New York and the Cubs at Pirates. We talk the other set match ups, Toronto versus Texas and Mets versus Dodgers. We start with our NBA previews with Eastern Conference Atlantic Division, the worst in the basketball. For the Duel at High Noon we start with the changes to the playoff seedings, will it make a difference this year? After his press conference and next injury, how done are you with Derrick Rose? With the 2 young teams of Astros and Cubs in the playoffs, a year ahead of schedule, who has a better chance to go all the way? For joint garbage time Tyler wants to talk a little Fantasy Football. Pops gives us a gauge of the fantasy landscape with a lot of injuries to the top guy. We give a tip of the cap to Mark Buerhle who has hung them up.

October 09, 2015 12:24 AM PDT

We start in our backyard, which is pretty much on fire. Purdue makes another quaterback change but gets the same result. The Boilermakers under Darrell Hazell seems incapable of closing the deal. Will Hazell make it through the season? Do you want Morgan Burke picking the next coach? With Cutler and Jeffery hurt the offense of course looked ugly in Seattle, but do you take some positives out of the way the D played? The Chicago Bears coaching staff seems to know what they're doing, they just don't have the talent right. In Fantasy we're a few weeks in and now you might have a gauge of what your team is. Who are some guys that are disappointments and those that have surprised. What about some guys you can maybe buy low on? In college football who is in the playoffs? Utah demolished Oregon? Is Michigan State really number 2? How much do you buy the ACC? A few weeks into the season we now take a gauge of the NFL. The Colts have been a big surprise disappointment. How about some early playoff thoughts? The NL teams are set, what do we think about the Mets now that they've announced Harvey will pitch in the NLDS. What do we make of Pittsburgh against Chicago? In the AL is it Kansas City's to lose? For the Duel at High Noon, even if Tom Brady wins another do the cheating legacies ultimately taint his legacy against Joe Montana? Is it the NL Central's World Series to lose? If Georgia gets over the Alabama hump do you give them a chance to win the SEC? With the lack of discipline in the Texas High School issue, Pop's garbage time is on the loss of perspective with kids and coaches getting hurt and dying all over.

September 30, 2015 12:58 AM PDT

We start in our backyard as things get uglier with Purdue getting blown out by Virginia Tech after playing a solid first half. This team is incapable of making adjustments. Coach Hazell wants to run a traditional offense despite continuing to not get wins. Where are the trick plays? For the Bears it goes from bad to worse with Jay Cutler going out and the Bears getting dominated by the Arizona Cardinals. It wasn't going to be a good year already, now it looks even worse. Pops celebrated his Fantasy Baseball victory. We move onto college football with some big games this past weekend. Michigan State has moved up to number 2 and we think it's too early. LSU & Ole Miss got some big wins so where do they finish in the top 10? We talk baseball as the St. Louis Cardinals seem to slipping at the end of the season. Can the Chicago Cubs make a run with Pittsburgh's struggles against the rest of the NL Central. In the AL the Rangers have come out of nowhere and Houston looks like they won't make the playoffs. We talk about Jeff Samardzija, do you give him the qualifying offer? Who are the best 3 man rotations in the AL? The first question in the Duel at High Noon has to do with quarterbacks; will Hazell make a QB switch after game 5 and how many games will the quaterback situation cost Alabama & Auburn? Question 2 is who are your World Series teams? The last question has to do with the Texas high school players that hit the refs; their coach told them to hit the refs. Does that change anything? Pops' garbage time has to do with Washington National manager Matt Williams getting told of by Matt Scherzer when trying to take him out of a game.

September 22, 2015 10:59 PM PDT

We start in our backyard with Purdue Football with two weeks down in the college season. Thus far it looks like the same team after giving up the game against Marshall and struggling to put Indiana State away. The running game looks solid but we aren't seeing enough of it. Blair is trying to find some positives but is the only one. We move onto the Bears who played better than expected but still ended with the result we all expected. Matt Forte was a huge positive but the passing game is lacking with beat up receivers. The coaching staff looks like they've brought a level of professionalism and they'll be competitive, but it's still only week one. We gauge the college football landscape starting with Auburn, who is really struggling. The SEC in totality really seemed to struggle in week 2, what do we make of them? What do we make of Oregon at Michigan State? Was it just the fact that Vernon Adams hasn't had enough time in the offense? What about Notre Dame, or normal punching bag, they lose Malik Zaire and DeShone Kizer delivered a gorgeous pass to win the game against Virginia. Are they talented enough to make that run with Zaire? Where do they stand now? Tyler brings up an interesting point about Notre Dame having to eventually joining a conference. Pops is riding high on LSU but Tyler has some problems with that. We talk a little fantasy football with all our drafts done and Pops gives us his thoughts on how they went. We talk about this headset thing as the Patriots are the center of a 'cheating scandal' yet again. The first question up in the Duel at High Noon are the NL & AL Cy Young winners. The second question is the NL & AL MVP. Pops is picking Cubs for both. The last question has to do with rugby players making it to the NFL and talks about a camp being set up in Australia. Pops' Garbage time is about the Texas high school kids that hit the ref on a play because the coach told them to.

September 15, 2015 09:25 PM PDT

We finish up our NFL preview with the AFC West and NFC & AFC North. Is it Denver's division to lose? Do new head coach Gary Kubiak's coaching style and Peyton Manning's play calling style blend? It's a jumble at the top but Oakland is trending the right way. By the end of Phillip Rivers' extension how many of the 4 starters will still be starting? Moving on to the AFC North; will Cincy disappoint? How good will the Steelers offense be? What do the Ravens have left? Can Justin Forsett duplicate his season? How many more seasons do Marvin Lewis get with no playoff victories? The Browns surprised in the first half of the season, but there's constantly change? Another bad year? How many games until we see Johnny Manziel? For the NFC North what does Adrian Peterson's presence mean? How will Teddy Bridgewater do? Caldwell takes over the Lions, undeservingly so, but there's talent. Will Calvin Johnson be healthy? What about the loss of Suh? The Green Bay Packers can never seem to escape the injuries with Jordy Nelson already gone for the season, but it's still their division to lose. It might have cost them a second Super Bowl. What will the Green Bay defense look like? And then it's time for the Chicago Bears preview. There were a lot of changes on defense, but not necessarily talent. It seems to be a lot of square pegs in round holes. On the offense the wideouts are already beat up, there's a shake up on the offensive line and of course the always infamous Jay Cutler. Then we pick our 12 playoff teams, conference championships and the Super Bowl. We talk a little Fantasy Football as we head into our draft. We have 2 keepers for our league and that's where we start. For the Duel at High Noon the first question is will the Chicago Bears be in a position to draft one of the top quaterbacks? With the changes to the PAT will more teams go for it? And the last question is where do you stand on the Matt Harvey innings limit? For his garbage time Pops goes back to Ray McDonald and Ahmad Brooks and their sexual assault charges.

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