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3 Sports Guns
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www.3sportsguns.com We're a sports blog that focuses a lot in the Chicago area and Purdue University. We just became Fantasy...

by 3 Sports Guns
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May 16, 2017 01:31 PM PDT

We have the three Guenthers back to start with the NFL draft and of course have to talk about the Bears big trade to move from three to two. Does the fact that the 49ers had another offer in hand take some of the blame off of Pace? What do we think of Mitch Trubinsky as a QB in a vacuum? Pops thinks Deshaun Watson is the best, do we agree? Pops would also rather have Brian Hoyer as his starting QB this year, who buys that? When you look at the Bears' trade does the trades Kansas City and Houston make take off some of the criticism? Which teams had drafts that we like? Some teams we liked is Cleveland, Carolina and Washington. Tyler started on his offensive rankings for dynasty and we get in to that. Pops and Blair pick one and two in the Dynasty League, who should they take? Pops has a choice between Jordy Nelson and DeAndre Hopkins in keeper league, does Watson make Hopkins the better choice? Blair and Pops swapped Mark Ingram and Kelvin Benjamin in the off season, who's winning that trade? And in Keeper League Blair has Jordan Howard and Pops has been asking all season for him, will a trade be worked out? Quickly undermined by Tyler throwing out a different offer. Tyler goes through some of the end of his dynasty rankings and some of the deeper options to stash. We talk draft strategy with Pops and Blair picking early and Tyler picking last. We Got Beef and Pops starts with any sympathizers for Aaron Hernandez. Also, the very old-fahsioned Roger Goodell sounded off on marijuana. Blair tackles ESPN with another set of purges to a lot of very talent sports writers and sports broadcasters. Tyler has 'beef' that he wants an Executive of the Year award. He does enjoy flipping Pops 'talk to me when you win' criticism for his several bad seasons in a row in fantasy football.

May 14, 2017 12:30 PM PDT

Bringing back 3 Guenthers to talk some basketball playoffs. Cleveland and Golden State have wrapped their first round series but the rest of the playoffs look like they're heading to seven game series, will they have any implications going forward though? Tyler is on board with Golden State getting to the Finals with three losses or less, do you buy it? Who are the biggest threats to the Cavs and Warriors? Are the Warriros and Steph Curry underappreciated? Who's the MVP in the NBA this season? Who is the next great player to take over the mantel? It seemed like we've been waiting for Anthony Davis but Giannis Antetokounmpo gets all of our votes. Blake Griffin's free agency comes up, where could he go? Before we get in to the draft we talk a few players on the market. Will Richard Sherman get traded? Will Malcolm Butler get traded? Do you want him considering you'll have to give up a 1st round pick and pay him? Pops asks Tyler his opinion on the Stephon Gilmore and continues to be by himself. Will Grapplehook get traded? And what happens next season when he's a free agent? How do we rank the top four quaterbacks in the draft? What do the Bears do at pick three? Are Ryan Pace and John Fox picking for their jobs? How do we grade Pace's draft thus far? What do we think of the overall talent in the draft? What do we think about the running back position, especially the top of the draft? We are in another Fantasy Baseball league and a lot of trips to the DL have happened. Are injuries up or is it because it's a shorter trip to a 10-day DL? What do we make of our drafts? We Got Beef and Pops starts with Paul George criticizing his teammates. That was his mini-beef, his big beef is a huge missed strike call in a baseball game. Tyler's beef is with IU. There is apparently a huge issue with how injured players are treated across all sports. Blair's beef is with Phil Jackson and his continual immature antics.

May 13, 2017 01:00 PM PDT

Playoffs, both hockey and basketball, are the big topics this week but we start with the Kings firing their coach after a few down seasons after some really impressive runs. Is it a just firing? The Blackhawks came in as the number one seed in the West and are getting absolutely worked by Nashville, what's wrong with them? It seems like each playoffs we talk about Jonathon Toews not scoring, but none of the stars are making a difference in this series. What do we make of the rest of the West playoffs? Does the winner of Chicago and Nashville become the favorite to get to the Stanley Cup? What team is the favorite to come out of the East? If Chicago gets swept, what will the reaction be from Bowman and Quenneville? For the NBA the East has the Pacers and Bulls at 7 & 8 seed in the East, Blair thinks on paper in normal years these teams are more middle seed teams but Pops says that was the ceiling for both. In a down year for the East will the Cavs cake walk in to the conference Finals? Is there any challenge to the Warriors in the West? Are the Rockets or the Spurs the biggest threat to get to Golden State? Does Cleveland even stand a chance to repeat? The Legacy question has to come up with LeBron, who looks like he'll go to his seventh straight Finals, but could lose another. How does that Jordan versus James argument come up? We finally get in to our playoff previews starting in the AL East. Is the East Boston's to lose? Could we see Tampa trade away a big piece? In the NL East, can anyone threaten the Nationals? Will the Phillies rotation take a step forward this season? Out in the West for the AL is it Houston or Texas? Jose Quintanna continues to be a rumor for the Astros, would that make a big difference? Who will be better, Oakland or Los Angeles? And will we see them make a trade? Is Mike Trout actually on the path to be one of the greatest players of all time? Talking great players, where does Jose Altuve stand when it comes to some of the best ever? In the NL West are the Dodgers gonna run away with it? Will the Giants for sure be number two? Will the Padres be the worst team in the Majors? What do we make of the AL Central? It's a very up and down division with Kansas City's cap issues, the age of Detroit and Minnesota's talent taking longer than expected to deliver. Who trades more pieces before the deadline; the Royals or the White Sox? Will the Cardinals threaten the Cubs this season? Will the Pirates be a threat or just third place? Will Maddon to be able to juggle all the talent on the offensive side? Is Schwarber at the leadoff spot a problem? What will the Cubs do when it comes to their bullpen issues? Ian Happ and Eloy Jiminez are Chicago's big offensive prospects, will they get traded? We wrap with our playoff picks. We Got Beef focuses on Lavar Ball because he continues to be a jerk. The Brooklyn Nets rested players in the last game but no criticism has been given to them. Adam Silver needs to do something about that.

May 08, 2017 06:12 PM PDT

A whole lot of college basketball to start this week and Tom Crean is out at IU. The Hoosier coach seemed to be on the hot seat with all the talent he had, but was it a fair firing? Who could be his replacement? Is Steve Alford the answer? Could IU lure Gregg Marshall away from Wichita State? Is it possible Brad Stevens jumps from Boston back to the college game? After the season they've had could the Baylor coach be a top name? Does the Cuonzo Martin hiring in Missouri make any sense? Where does the Illinois job stand? Purdue is in the sweet 16 so what do we make of the team? Can they beat Kansas? With the Boiler's lack of a bench does Painter deserve criticism for not playing Carsen Edwards enough? We talk our brackets, including Elite 8 and Final 4. It looks like the NCAA scheduled brackets to get interesting match ups in the second round specifically. Villanova versus Wisconsin and Kentucky versus Wichita State pair some very bad seedings to get name games. Talking some general managers in NFL free agency, specifically Ted Thompson of Green Bay because of his lack to dip into the free agent pool. Is he wasting Aaron Rodgers? Could Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy come to a headway with the lack of talent added to the team? We Got Beef and Pops tries to argue that because Bill Belichick signed Stephon Gilmore that it will work, instead of the sabremetric numbers. Lavar Ball, a joke athlete, continues to just shout and make noise. Blair's beef is the whole Colin Kaepernick issue. He seems to be getting blackballed and it just isn't right.

April 30, 2017 08:57 PM PDT

We congratulate Northwestern on finally looking to make the March bracket. Now, Purdue basketball what do we expect the rest of the season and going into brackets? The Blackhawks surprised by bring back Johnny Oduya, will it make a difference? There were no additions on offense, is it good enough to make another Stanley Cup run? What do we make of the trade deadline, which was rather quiet? In the NBA, Kevin Durant goes out for a few weeks right when San Antonio clinched it's 20th straight playoff appearance. Can the Warriors lose the 1 seed? What do we think of some of the potential playoff matches? The Cavaliers seemed to of won the buyout market, and with Durant out for a stretch, does this help Cleveland in the potential Finals rematch? The NFL combine is coming and free agency is opening, so what do the Bears do at quaterback. The Patriots don't want to trade Jimmy G, so what do we think about the rumors of Chicago going after Mike Glennon? Pops wants to stay with Brian Hoyer and Blair has a big problem with that. Could Chicago go after a top offensive line free agent and go the Dallas way to put an elite offensive line in front of whoever the QB is? Could Ryan Pace trade down from pick number 3? Will Alshon Jeffery be back? What will Chicago do at WR? Hit free agency? What WR in the draft jump out to us? Could Chicago sign a guard and move Kyle Long to a tackle spot? Blair thinks they could make a quick turn around to playoff contention, does Pops buy it? Will this coaching staff and management get the time to develop a young QB? Pops goes off on the upper management, does it effect things this off season? Pops thinks Jay Cutler not being released shows that they haven't turned the corner yet? Are they just waiting or is he right? He thinks there is a possibility he could be kept, Blair thinks he's crazy. We Got Beef with ESPN, Pops has an issue with Stephen A Smith taking over as the main personality. Also, the family issues with the Lakers ownership continues to get ugly.

April 29, 2017 09:36 AM PDT

We were riding high on Purdue basketball and after an ugly win at Penn State and loss at Michigan, have they peaked? Wisconsin and Maryland have really started to lose so how does a down Big Ten conference alter Purdue's March seeding? Gonzaga got upset and people are talking about them not getting a 1 seed anymore, crazy? Who are some of our favorites to win the whole tournament at this point. We talk the NBA trade deadline with the Bulls shipping out Dougie Buckets and Taj Gibson. Are they selling or just shuffling chairs on the Titanic? What does this mean for the future of the team? Will Gar Formann and John Paxson trade Jimmy Butler? What the heck are the Kings doing with the Cousins trade? Will DeMarcus do anything to improve the Pelicans? How is it that the Boston Celtics couldn't improve on the trade Sacramento got? The Dallas Mavericks got Nerlens Noel for pretty much nothing, a big surprise. Philadelphia wanted to move him, but that's the best they could get? What do we make of Paul George seeming like a done deal to head to the Lakers? The Lakers shook things up with Magic Johnson taking over in LA, does he make them more relevant? Power agent Palinka becomes the GM, will he be able to spot talent? The Lakers management looks legitimate, Luke Walton is a good coach and they have some good young kids. Can they build back to the top of the draft? Staying in LA, the Kings added Ben Bishop at goalie just as Johnathon Quick comes back from injury. It's rather curious. The Blackhawks made a small move on a player given up on, will it be anything? Chicago has caught fire, can they get the 1 seed in the West? We talk some Cubs with the roster moves seemingly set, and one of the big topics will be the fifth spot in the rotation. Who gets it? Pedro Strop got an extension, anything to make of it? Ian Happ continues to rake, will we see him in Chicago this season? How will Joe Maddon handle all the bats he has? Are one of the kids young bats off limits for a trade? What do we think the final bench and bullpen will look like? We Got Beef and Pops takes on Shaq with his dumb beef with Javale McGee. Blair's Beef is with the Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey who said 'She's tired of hearing about the Baylor scandals and if anyone says they won't send your kids hear punch them in the face.' These comments are so tone deaf for a women who coaches young women on a campus that is completely unsafe to women. These are some of the most egregious comments made on this issue.

April 19, 2017 06:58 PM PDT

We jump back in to Purdue basketball as the top of the Big Ten standings have changed. Wisconsin has dropped some games and now the Boilers are number one. Will Matt Painter's squad run the table? What kind of seed are they in line for in March? How will the roster construction fair in the tournament? Caught up a lot last week and now catch up on hockey. Minnesota is having a very good season, so can the Blackhawks catch them in the Central? Even without the 1 seed how far can Chicago make it? Stan Bowman always seems to make a move at the deadline, will he this season? How would we grade the kids that are seeing time this season? Who are Pop's favorites for the Stanley Cup? We move on to the NFL and the Bears and the questions start with Alshon Jeffery, what do they do with him? What about Jimmy G, does Pace pull the trade? Pops questions how long John Fox has left in the Windy City. Is he the coach best for a young QB? Both agree that it won't be a QB a third overall. Who do you think is the best QB in this year's draft? Should Ryan Pace trade down? If the QBs fall could we see Chicago trade back into the first round to snag one of them? In the NBA trade deadline, Kevin Love is hurt and the Celtics are surrounded in rumors again. Will we see anything happen? Houston is the three seed right now, will they do anything? Will we finally get Golden State and San Antonio in the Western Conference Finals finally? Talking Chicago Bulls, is Jimmy Butler a franchise player? Should they look to trade him? This week in We Got Beef Pops goes after a bill that would cut major compensation for injured workers, including athletes, for people in Illinois.

March 27, 2017 02:27 PM PDT

We're glad to get back and start with the National Championship game. Did Lane Kiffin's absence alter the outcome? Does this win vault Clemson in to a continual national relevance with a lot of talent leaving? Steve Sarkisian is the offensive coordinator for one game and then bolts for the Falcons. Is that an FU to Saban? Pops thinks Chip Bama could put on the Crimson Tide to rehab his image. Is this year the greatest year in sports history with how many games came down to the wire? With Tom Brady capturing his fifth Super Bowl, is it official that he's the greatest QB of all time? Is Bill Belichick the greatest coach of all time? What were our thoughts at half time? Did the reffing stand out? Will Tom Brady actually slow down before he retires? After a resurgence this year, will Atlanta be a team that threatens for the next few seasons? We catch up with Purdue basketball who had some head scratching losses but have since rattled of several big road wins. Caleb Swanigan is delivering on the goods and could be Big Ten Player of the Year. Is this the best year since the Baby Boilers for Purdue to win the conference tournament? Could we see a March run? We talk a little Indiana basketball with the team trending down fast. Is Tom Crean feeling the heat? What do we make of the landscape of college basketball? Can Gonzaga run the table? What is Duke? Is Kentucky mature enough? We didn't take the PAC12 super seriously at the beginning of the season, but now they could get a 1 seed in the brackets? For the NBA this week week, it's drama with Charles Barkley and LeBron Jame going back and forth. Which side are we on? That was only trumped by Anthony Oakley being banned from Madison Square Garden. What the hell is going on there? Is Kevin Durant versus Russell Westbrook a rivalry? Will Jahlil Okafor be traded? Gar Formann and John Paxson's jobs were announced safe, can we stop puking? We wrap up the off season with the Cubs, what do we make of their signings? Did they get enough pitching? We Got Beef and a lot to catch up on; like Deion Sanders saying the Colts stole signals. Dwayne Wade attacked Barkley to defend James, why? Baseball is trying to speed up the game but has nothing but dumb ideas. Jeffery Loria could make a crap load of money selling the Marlins, but at least he'd be gone.

March 22, 2017 06:37 PM PDT

With Purdue kicking off conference play we start with the Boilers after an overtime loss at home to Minnesota. Also, what do Caleb Swanigan's 30/20 games mean against sub par competition. What do we make of the Big Ten with Michigan State getting off to a slow start and Nebraska getting road wins at Indiana and Maryland. Pops throws in a Purdue football update with Jeff Brohm doing some recruiting work and getting some 4 star players to flip. We jump into the the football playoff games with the New Year six bowls that haven't happened yet. USC and Penn State features to of the hottest teams to end the season, who wins? The Cotton Bowl features the underdog Western Michigan versus Wisconsin. P. J. Fleck is still there, can he get the upset after not getting the job he wanted? The Sugar Bowl features Auburn and Oklahoma, two teams who fell short of their high expectations. This could be a springboard for next season. Speaking of teams that fell short, LSU rolled Louisville, what does that mean for next year? Then we back track to the playoff games. Washington lost to Alabama 24-7, what does that mean for both teams? Is this Crimson Tide team better or worse than last year? In the other game, where was Ohio State? Pops makes a surprise pick saying he'd take Clemson and the 6.5 points in a bet and favors the offense and DeShaun Watson in National Championship. After Ohio State laid an egg and Michigan lost to Florida State, was the Big Ten overrated? We get into the NFL starting with the Detroit and Green Bay Sunday Night match up to decide the NFC North. Most of the seeds seem pretty set so we go through the match ups, starting with the Packers hosting the Giants. The other wild card match up is Seattle and Detroit, and home field seems to decide this one. What do we make of the bye teams; will Atlanta or Dallas win? The AFC side has been decided for awhile. The Dolphins have surprised and travel to Pittsburgh. Does the Dolphins season end there? The other Wild Card game is Houston and Oakland, and it features a quaterback situation that is just ugly. The bye weeks go to Kansas City and New England, the two teams with the biggest home field advantage. Can the Steelers O top the Chiefs? Will anyone beat Brady and the Pats in Foxborough? Who do we have in the Super Bowl? Leaving the playoffs behind we talk coaching news, starting with the Chicago Bears. Will Vic Fangio be out? Trent Balke is fired as the GM in San Francisco, is Chip Kelly next? Gary Kubiak is retiring and the Denver job becomes probably the most attractive job. Who gets it? Terry Bradshaw made dumb comments about Mike Tomlin, no one knows what's happening in Buffalo and Sean Payton is surrounded by rumors. Pops jumps outside the NFL with rumors that Fred Hoiberg is on the hot seat, and Chicago continuing to be a mess. We Got Beef with Terry Bradshaw because of his unfounded criticism of Mike Tomlin and saying Mike McCarthy over Aaron Rodgers.

March 19, 2017 04:01 PM PDT

Happy Holidays and our pre-end of the year podcast, starting with Christian McCaffery and Leonard Fournette sitting out their bowl games. Is it a smart decision? What does this say about these players? Does the fact that it isn't the BCS Invitational mean anything? Is this worse than Clowney who played the whole season but seemed checked out? How do we feel about Bob Stoops and Oklahoma getting a lot of criticism for the Joe Mixon situation? A coach that needs more criticism is Coach K. Grayson Allen continues to do dumb things on the court and let him get away with it. We waste good time on the Bears this week and talk playoffs next week. We go down the line, who stays and who goes? Coaching? Jay Cutler? Are Pace and Fox on the chopping block? We talk Fantasy with Blair wrapping up his second championship in a row in keeper league and Tyler taking the first Dynasty league crown. We look at keepers going forward and the teams that have decisions to make. Pops and Blair finish last and second to last in the Dynasty League and talk strategy going in to next season. We get a hockey update with Minnesota and Columbus the two hottest teams in the NHL. Pops gives us a recap of the playoff picture right now and an updated Stanley Cup pick. We Got Beef this week, Pops goes after Richard Sherman again for his out cry over a journalist asking tough questions. For Blair, Bill Belicheck sits and cuts players for missing meetings and trades players for not loving football but signs Michael Floyd after a ridiculous BAC.

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