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Three Sports Guns
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www.3sportsguns.com We're a sports blog that focuses a lot in the Chicago area and Purdue University. We just became Fantasy...

by 3 Sports Guns
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February 09, 2016 09:03 PM PST

We leave football behind to cover some other topics we missed, starting with the Chicago Blackhawks. After floundering a bit they rattled off 12 in a row to take the lead in the Central Division. The KaneGB line continues to score at a berserk rate, but the rest of the offense has seemed to come around. The team also has traded the two guys they go for Patrick Sharp, what do we make of that? And Corey Crawford hasn't gotten enough respect for the year he's had. Did Stan Bowman get his contract right? Will the Bread Man slow down? We move onto the NBA with the David Blatt firing? Is Griffin right, LeBron had no say? Griffin isn't fooling anyone and raised the pressure on a team that was title or bust already. This wouldn't seem to hold them back in the East, but can they actually win the Finals? Pops suggest a ridiculous trade of DeMarcus Cousins for Kevin Love, never gonna happen. It's on NBA TV, but the first San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors match up is coming with no Tim Duncan. What do we expect for this game and is a mind game from Popovich to not play Duncan? What do we make of the Thunder? They have two of the top 5 players, but can they get by the Spurs or Warriors? There's a big scandal on betting and throwing games in Tennis, what's the deal? It's so hard to decipher what's a thrown game though. What do we make of the tennis landscape this year with Novak Djokovic gunning for that Grand Slam but not getting the French. What can we expect of Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray this year? Joker is in his prime and may run the Slam title count to an unreachable number. We hit Big Ten basketball starting with Purdue coming off a double digit loss at Iowa. Indiana sits on top of the standings with no conference losses and an extremely friendly schedule. What is going on at half time that Matt Painter has his team blows these leads? The schedule is a problem, the Big Ten Conference needs to come up with something more even for all the teams. Blair takes a little garbage time and laughs at Josh Smith leaving Houston to win but saying he's going to be a leader back with the Rockets. Irrational team hate takes over the end of the podcast; Indiana Hoosiers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Alabama Crimson Tide, Brett Favre and John Elway.

February 03, 2016 09:01 PM PST

We start in our backyard as Purdue Basketball has found ways to disappoint with the high expectations for this season. The Butler loss was a tough one, Iowa is good but it was a collapse in Mackey Arena, but the double digit Illinois loss is a horrible loss. What's going on with this team and what's going on with Matt Painter's substitutions? And the Boilermakers continue to struggle with the press, to the dismay of fans for who knows how many years. Caleb Swanigan has seemed to be a bit of a mixed bags with some struggles. Before we leave college basketball we have to talk the LSU phenom Ben Simmons. The college football ends with a very good National Championship. Alabama's defensive line was the story but DeShaun Watson looked like the best player on the field. The onside kick was a critical play and one that was a bit of a surprise from Nick Saban, an old school type coach. Calvin Ridely, Watson or Leonard Fournette, who do you take for the 2016 season? Saban has now won five championships with two schools and four over seven years, is he the greatest collegiate coach? A bit ahead of ourselves, the opening weekend for football is LOADED next season. With those we could see some more agreements for inner-conference games. We head back to the NFL to wrap up the coaching hires with Philadelphia hiring an Andy Reid disciple. Chip Kelly goes to the 49ers with an established GM. Speaking of coaching hires, is there a problem with the Rooney Rule? Should it be expanded to coordinator jobs? And speaking of coordinator jobs, in Tampa and New York the coaches have been let go to make a coordinator a coach. We talk relocation with the Rams going to Los Angeles and San Diego seeming likely. However, the Rams' owner, Stan Kroenke, is a jerk. What does this mean for the Oakland Raiders? We wrap up with the Divisional Round. Can you believe the Patriots threw as much as they did against a solid Chiefs defense? Can New England do the same thing against the Broncos? Especially after Pittsburgh had the game without Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams? Can Peyton Manning do enough? Is Bill Belichick the best NFL coach ever? How about that crazy game between the Packers and Cardinals? What about the coin flip issue? Meanwhile in the other NFC game it was a tale of two halves. The Panthers dominated the first half and the Seahawks might have just ran out of time. Who do you take in the NFC Championship game? Tyler wraps up the podcast calling out the way Seattle ended the game. He and Pop agree that the Seahawks run may be done.

February 01, 2016 09:58 PM PST

We start with the baseball Hall of Fame with only two guys in the class. Is this better than the set number that get in every year in the NFL? Do Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piaza both deserve to be in? Piaza isn't in Pops as he weighs defense a little higher for the need to get in. Who didn't get in that we think we will in the future? We move onto the NFL coaching carousel starting with the surprise firing of Lovie Smith. However, the offense is young and the defense was horrible, Smith's calling card. Adam Gase spent one season with Jay Cutler and now moves to Miami to work with Ryan Tannehill. Of course we have to talk about Cleveland as Joe DePodesta who was working with the Mets. It's outside the box, but they have to try something different other than canning the coach and GM every two years. Not a coaching change, but it's surprising that Jason Garrett still has a job. Chuck Pagano gets an extension after more than half a season of rumors that he was going to be out. Chip Kelly got canned before the season ended, surprised? Tom Coughlin resigned, surprised by that move? We move on to the Wild Card round starting with the Kansas City Chiefs stomping the Houston Texans. Brian Hoyer was miserable. How about the Cincinnati meltdown? Marvin Lewis still hasn't won a playoff game. A defensive, subzero game with a little luck for Seattle. It'll be interesting to see how the Vikings bounce back next season. DeSean Jackson of course has another play that he doesn't score on and then it turns into all Green Bay. Then we move on and talk the Divisional Round. Is Kansas City's defense enough to get the upset in Foxborough? The beat up Pittsburgh Steelers head to Denver with a possibility of not having DeAngelo Williams, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. How does Peyton Manning hold up? Will we see Brock Osweiler? Do the Packers stand a chance against the Cardinals? Seattle was one of the hottest teams to end the regular season, but can the defense handle Cam Newton? What about the Panther's D versus Russell Wilson?

January 31, 2016 02:23 PM PST

It's a whole lot of football with bowl season wrapping up and the NFL Wild Card round almost here. Florida and Michigan is a bowl we look at with two new head coaches, but Harbaugh blew out the Gators. Will Michigan move into playoff contention? Does Michigan State stay a regional power or did this year move them into playoff contention going forward? Does Houston have sustaining power? We talk some of the draft prospects for Alabama and Christian McCaffery. What does all the juniors leaving mean for the Buckeyes? Moving on to the playoff games, Lane Kiffin clearly out coached Michigan State. And the Crimson Tide defense is just rolling. However, Clemson's defense did a really good job against the Oklahoma Sooners. DeShaun Watson was a Heisman finalist with a huge offensive line in front of him, how does that match up shake up? Bama has also struggled with spread quaterbacks. What about the match up of the Alabama O against a solid Clemson D? We're not buy the spread and taking a super close game. It's the last week of the season, what do we think about the potential Wild Card match ups? We talk some Bulls after Blair saw them during Christmas break. Jimmy Butler took over against the Pacers and continually went to the hoop in crunch time. Joakim Noah is out and Derrick Rose has missed four straight. What does this mean for the team going forward? For the Duel at High Noon starts with the movie Concussion, what stood out most to you? The symptoms were surprising, seeing them acted out. It's shocking how far the NFL went to cover it up and the NFL getting involved to water down the film. What has the NFL done to really improve and fix things?

January 27, 2016 08:53 PM PST

It's the 2016 prediction special. We start in our backyard with Purdue Football with the TE coach promoted to the offensive coordinator. For a lame duck coach and Athletic Director, did we really expect anything better? Will there really be change? Will Purdue make another quaterback switch again? How many wins and will it be Darrell Hazell's last season? Will Morgan Burke be back after his contract runs out? The Boilermakers finish the non-conference 11-1, what are we looking at in the Big Ten schedule? How conference loses will Purdue have and how many will the champion have? What seed do they get in the March Madness tournament and do they get in to the second weekend? Is Caleb Swanigan a 1-and-done? The NFL playoff seedings are starting to become more clear, who are the Wild Cards? Does Denver even get in? Who wins the NFC North? We predict our entire playoff tree. Will Peyton Manning be back next season? Did he use HGH? If he does play, where does he? Does an NFL team move to the NFL? We talk NBA starting with a recap of the Christmas action. The Cavaliers didn't impress in a rematch with the Warriors, LeBron really seemed to struggle. We take a second to trash Derrick Rose. He is having a career low season and isn't even a career player based on sabremetrics. We make some conference predictions for the East and West. Is Oklahoma City a threat? Do the Cavaliers stand a chance against whomever comes out of the West? Who wins the MVP and who's the coach of the year? We move onto hockey, who are in the conference finals? We talk MLB with our wild cards and division winners predictions. We talk some Fantasy sports with Pops handing out some compliments to Tyler. We also talk overall records and head-to-head match ups. We talk about some rule changes for both baseball and football.

January 25, 2016 10:21 PM PST

We start in our backyard with Purdue playing their worst game of the season and losing to a scrappy Butler team. It was really a chance to make a statement. Matt Painter burned through all his timeouts early in the second half and couldn't to adjust to the way Butler guarded the bigs. After not making a big deal about he Brett Lawrie trade, it's big news now that the White Sox have gotten Todd Frazier. Catcher, 2nd and 3rd base have been holes for the Sox for awhile and they made solid additions this off-season. We move on to the Bulls who can't decide which team they are. They win big games and then lose to teams they shouldn't. Is this an early exit team again? And is this Jimmy Butler's team now? Is he a superstar? We start to rap up 2015 by talking about Fantasy Football and the curse of the 1 seed strikes Tyler. Of course Pops and Tyler have to go at it. We talk trades for draft picks and waiver claims and keepers during the off season. It's the 2015 recap special. Who was the best champion? What athlete had the best year? Who had the worst 2015? What was a moment that stood out? The surprise team of the year? We wrap up the podcast with the BCS Invitational, the college football playoffs. Which QB for Oklahoma and Clemson will have the best game? Pops surprises no one with his Alabama pick. Who makes the bigger plays, Cook or Coker? Turnovers, the century mark for Henry, who has the best win coming in? To wrap up the podcast, what the heck is going on with all the 5 star quaterbacks leaving Texas A&M? Kevin Sumlin keeps getting high rated signal callers that keep transferring. Perhaps it's a pipe dream, but if he gets canned we'd love him back in West Lafayette.

January 22, 2016 08:04 PM PST

We're waiting for bowl season to begin so we talk about the college coaching hires. Mark Richt was a get for Miami who should bring recruiting back, but what more can he do with Florida State and Clemson in the conference and his inability to win the big game? The ACC also snatched up the hot coaches with Justin Fuente going to Virginia Tech, Dino Babers to Syracuse and Bronco Mendenhall to Virginia. We're surprised that Todd Herman didn't leave Houston, though it would seem like he's not long there. Pops is a big Bama supporter, what does he think about Kirby Smart going to Georgia. The SEC also gets one of the worst hires with Will Muschamp going to South Carolina. The Auburn defense wasn't any good and he couldn't coach at Florida. Pat Haden continues to slack on his job as they keep Clay Helton. How long until Lane Kiffin goes after another job? While we're talking coaching hires, we have to talk about Purdue doing almost nothing. Morgan Burke said hit wasn't about money or they couldn't hit the reset button. Really?! They're 6-30 in 3 seasons and they can't hit the reset button? Lame ducks all around for the Boilermakers. Black and Gold fans are just waiting for all their contracts are cleared and the house is cleaned. We reflect on the Heisman with Derrick Henry winning, but we all pick someone different. Tyler takes Christian McCaffrey, Blair takes Deshaun Watson and Pops takes Henry. Do we think any of the Heisman finalist will be successful in the NFL? We come back to MLB free agency with the White Sox picking up Brett Lawrie, a solid move. The Cubs made a bit of a shocking move in signing Jason Heyward. Pops is worried about the ramifications for some of the younger players down the road. Heyward adds all the defensive and offensive abilities the Lovable Losers were looking for. Despite having the big money, what is happening to the Dodgers? Then there's the Arizona Diamondbacks who are shipping off every kid they can in trades. Heyward has signed but the star outfielders still haven't gone anywhere. The Warriors finally lose after opening with 24 wins. Everyone wants to talk about the 72-10 Bulls, can they get there? What about the Heat's streak of 4 straight NBA Finals with 2 Championships? Even more impressive is that the Spurs have stayed on pace with Golden State. For the Duel at High Noon we start with coaching hires, which will be the most successful? Barring injury and the Spurs and the Warriors met, who do you take? Will the Carolina Panthers go undefeated and will they make it out of the NFC? Is Cam Newton the MVP? For his Garbage Time Pops talks about the historic scoring streak Patrick Kane is on. Pops' theory is a greater appreciation for what he gets to do and has come out more focused. He also have a line that lets him get to work. KaneGB is a devastating line.

January 17, 2016 09:46 PM PST

We start in our backyard as Purdue is rolling in the non-conference. The Boilers add a solid win at Pittsburgh in the Big Ten/ACC challenge. Despite their success Purdue still seems to fall in love with the 3, especially Kendall Stephens. Vanderbilt and Butler are still on the schedule, can Painter's squad run the table? Pops has some concerns about Caleb Swanigan's numbers. The BCS Invitational have been decided, do we think it's right? Tyler has a bit of a conspiracy theory about the seedings. How close do we think Stanford was to getting in? We talk New Year's 6, which should be the best of the best but the bowls still have their contracts. Pops is on the Navy bandwagon, saying they deserve a much better bowl than they normally get to. Did Les Miles deserve to say after Baton Rouge was up in arms? Is Gus Malzahn on the hot seat? We're talking MLB free agency as the pitchers have gotten paaaaaaaid. Jeff Samardzija's contract has us scratching our heads. What contract did we like, which did we hate? Will those aces age well? The White Sox have had a quiet winter, will that change? The Cubs signed John Lackey but are in on other players, a bit surprising. Even with their budget, should the Cubs go after Jason Heyward? There are rumors the Cubs are targeting Cubs in trades, but why? We wrap up the podcast with Fantasy Football with the seedings settled for the playoffs. Tyler gets Jeff in the match up he wants as he has fallen from the 1 seed to just squeaking in. Blair's receivers are looking good, but DeAndre Hopkins has a messy quaterback situation. We break down the match ups and then move to the league Pops and I co-run. I have run from the 7 seed all the way up to the 1 seed in just a few weeks.

January 12, 2016 01:07 PM PST

It was a big week of upsets in college football with conference championships around the corner. Ohio State lost at home against a Connor Cook-less Michigan State. Is this the victory that bumps the Spartans up to national prominence? Okie State had all their tough games at the end of the season but caught by Baylor. Tyler has a new personal hero in Baker Mayfield as the Sooners have really come on strong. With a lot of the best games at the back of the Big 12 Conference schedule, the conference looks to be in the same situation as last year. Of course Pops has to take a moment to knock down Notre Dame's chances. For the selection committee some of their criteria has been released for ranking teams which has us scratching our heads. Fantasy Football season is getting near the end but the injuries continue to pile up. Tyler gives us a look at some of match ups for Fantasy Playoffs or some guys to claim if you're in a keeper or dynasty league. We also take a look at the last games in the regular season while looking forward to the playoffs. A tough question, in a keeper league do you trade one of Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers for aid in a deep playoff run this season? The backyard is moved to the end with the Boilermakers getting a 15 point win over an athletic Florida team. Purdue has done well in the non-conference but seem to rely on the 3 point shot a lot. Caleb Swanigan has been as good as advertised and the front court is imposing for the black and gold. Tyler has new hero in P. J. Thompson, a scrapper he has made his minutes count on defense and rebounding. The first question up in the Duel at High Noon is will Purdue go undefeated in the non-conference? The second question is who wins Fantasy Football. And the last question, who wins the NFC North? Pops takes his garbage time criticizing the Cowboys for looking at an extension for the jerk Greg Hardy.

December 05, 2015 10:54 PM PST

We start in the backyard with our Purdue Boilermaker basketball team. Early in the season there is no real challenge, but it's a talented roster. Against Vermont the Boilermakers set a record for most made 3-pointers by a Matt Painter team. However, after last season should we be worried about them falling in love from deep? Kendall Stephens might be the best pure shooter, but his shot selection can be maddening. Even more so when you consider the big advantage with Isaac Haas, A. J. Hammons and Caleb Swanigan down low. This team is probably the collection of offensive talent Painter has ever had. A. J. Hammons has been out due to 'off the court' issues he needs to take care of. Is a personal issue or is he just in the doghouse? In the non-conference they have Florida, Pitt, Vandy and Butler. Can they go undefeated in the the non-conference? What do we make of the Big Ten? Maryland is legit, Michigan State and Wisconsin are always tough and Indiana is getting a lot of love. Surprise, surprise, we think the Hoosiers are vastly overrated. We expand to the rest of college basketball, starting with the number 1 Tar Heels. Speaking of the ACC, Coach K has seemed to change his recruiting to compete with coach Cal. Kentucky lost a lot of talent this past summer, but they always reload. How good will they be? Do we buy the lower teams; Gonzaga, Witchita State? What about the PAC12 with Arizona being the class, California bringing a monster recruiting class, the Oregon money, Utah has a lottery pick and UCLA still puts players in the NBA? We move onto baseball to talk some free agency. The top 50 free agents were predicted where they'd sign. On top of the massive pool of free agents, a lot of big trades have happened already before we get to the Winter Meetings. The Cardinals are a surprising team to watch with a lot of cash to burn. The White Sox should be active with a lot of need on the infield and catcher. David Price has been linked to the Cubs forever, but Jordan Zimmerman would make more financial since and let Chris Bosio work with him. We wrap up with some college coaches with Frank Beamer on his way out, seemingly ala Mack Brown. A bit of a surprise was Gary Pinkel leaving, though due to health reasons. Jerry Kill definitely deserves to be mentioned. We end with a discussion about Mark Richt? He hasn't gotten it done on the National level. Is enough enough? Will Bill Snyder be forced out as well?

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